How To Secure Your Home And Business To Prevent Break-ins

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With many establishments shut due to the pandemic, break-ins and robberies are a big possibility these days. To ensure you’re not only alerted about thefts but protected from them, you need to reinforce your security.

Similarly, you can never be too careful when it comes to your home security. While you may think your house is safe given that you’re home all day, you can’t be too sure. As a result, you must have your property adequately protected.

Besides getting an alarm, consider installing heavy-duty bars and gates at your entrances. That way, thieves and vandals won’t be able to kick your doors in or pry them open. It will be challenging to smash in windows and doors or even drive into them with strong obstructions in the day. 

You can also consider getting astragals for your front and back doors. An astragal is a form of hardware fastened to doors to seal the gap between them when they are closed. That way, nothing can be wedged in to pry your doors open.

At your business establishment, consider installing bollards to prevent thieves from ramming their vehicles into your store or business outlet. The bollards can serve as your first line of defense, metal bars and gates can act as your second. If you can even get a security system installed as well so that you can identify perpetrators attempting to break into your home or business.

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